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FindMyClaims True Stories

As an ethical Claims Management Company, we work hard to find every single PPI claim our clients have ever had and make sure our clients NEVER have to speak to their banks directly to get the compensation they deserve. Nothing makes us happier than to hear that our work has paid off. Here are the true stores of just some of the thousands of clients we have helped…

“It’s a no brainer”

Claims Successful to date: 3
Total Compensation Paid: £4,582
Additional Claims Ongoing: 1

“It’s a no brainer – no win, no fee. I have introduced a couple of friends to you and I’m looking forward to my £100 referral payments. I’m going to spend my compensation on a weekend away.”*

*FindMyClaims operates a £100 referral program which is exclusively promoted to our clients. You can refer your friends at and for every friend we find a PPI claim for, we will pay you £100. You must be a client to take advantage of this service.   

“Although a skeptic at first…”

Claims Successful to date: 1
Total Compensation Paid: £874
Additional Claims Ongoing: 1

“Although a skeptic at first and feeling that there would be no claims, I sent off the form for the [PPI trace] process and they found something I did not know I had. Thank you FMC. Cannot fault the service, I felt comfortable as there was little I had to do, even to finally receiving payment. I plan on going on a nice holiday in early March with my compensation!”

Mr Briggs

“I would never be able to do it without FindMyClaims”

Claims Successful to date: 1
Total Compensation Paid: £1,023
Additional Claims Ongoing: 1

“Having had no idea my claim would be successful they pursued my claim for me. I would never be able to do it without FindMyClaims. I was happy with the way they went about their work – very professional. I wouldn’t improve anything they did. I’m going to put my compensation past for a rainy day. Thank you.”

Mrs Brennan

“A big thank you”

Claims Successful to date: 6
Total Compensation Paid: £11,723
Additional Claims Ongoing: 0

“It was all straight forward and I couldn’t remember most of the information but you still made a case and I received much more than I ever thought. I plan on paying off my MasterCard and having a wood burner installed – my dream I never imagined I could have. A big thank you”

Ms Williams

“You gave me my greatest gift by making it possible for me to visit my daughter and grandchildren…”

Claims Successful to date: 1
Total Compensation Paid: £7,167
Additional Claims Ongoing: 1

“You gave me my greatest gift by making it possible for me to visit my daughter and grandchildren who’d just emigrated to Australia, it was like a dream come true. I remember, I was sitting at home feeling miserable because I’d just had my first mother’s day without my daughter.  I just wanted to be with my family but the fare to Australia was so expensive. I didn’t answer the phone but when the answerphone clicked on and I heard your message I just couldn’t believe it, I had to play it four times. I burst into tears when I phoned you back and you confirmed it was true. You just had no idea what you’d given me, it changed my life.

Now I have been to see my daughter twice and best of all I was out there for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday. Our reunion at the airport is something I’ll never forget.

Dealing with your staff was the easiest thing ever, I only filled in two simple pieces of paper. It was so simple and I had no idea that Barclaycard would be a potential PPI claim.

Thank you from me, and thank you from my family.   I have recommended you to all my friends. It is so wonderful to get an unexpected windfall.”

Mrs Poll

Typical Case History

Mr K asked us to look into a possible PPI claim against Capital One Bank. It turned out to be a small loan with PPI and we won a small claim on his behalf for £903. We suggested to Mr K
we should obtain his Credit Report and assess it for other possible claims.

From his Credit Report we identified Mr K had a Mint credit card. It turned out there was no PPI on the card, and therefore no claim. However, Mint is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), which also owns Natwest Bank. When we wrote and asked RBS about their relationship with Mr K, they told us about 6 Natwest loans and a Natwest overdraft, the oldest dating back to 1992. It emerged that all 6 loans AND the overdraft had PPI added.

We successfully claimed back £27,243 for our client. Another claim on a Natwest credit card worth approximately £1,200 is awaiting a decision by the Financial Ombudsman.

Mr K